The idea of decibel is the base for understanding sound. A decibel is an unit measuring signal amplitude (the overall volume level of a sound). This would be the technical part of sound. So, when you are thinking about decibels, you see sound in terms of a base ten logarithm.

Now that you understand how sound is seen and measured. Here is a graph illustrating some vital information for your hearing health.
how to soundproof
Also, you may want to locate a decibel reader to truly see how loud your environment can be.
cheap soundproofing
Time to listen to your ears and see what soundproofing can do for your life.

Q: What is the main advantage of have two ears to hear? (See below for answer)

Mastering – Decibels Explained – Warbeats Tutorial

If you really want to go in-depth about decibels, here is a a more comprehensive explanation:
Decibels (dB’s) for Engineers – A Tutorial

A: Being able to identify the direction of sounds.

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