Automatic Door Bottom

Acoustical Door Seals An easy to overlook factor in designing a soundproof space is sound leaking under doors. Excellent soundproofing in the the rest of a room can easily be defeated by noise getting under a door. Acoustical door seals will improve your already completed room, and should be a critical element in your soundproofing design.

Acoustical Door Seals

West Coast Sound Solutions offers a very simple fix for blocking noise leaks under doors. Easy to install on any metal or wood door, it provides an acoustically tight seal -- and blocks airflow as well. For existing doors or new ones, we have the solution for you -- call us today and we will help you with the right solution.

  • Use on solid wood doors; this is more effective than on solid core or exterior metal doors.
  • Install flooring before trimming doors.
  • Make sure the door stops at sides and top are in-line with no gaps, warps or bends.
  • Follow the simple installation instructions provided here to insure success.