Ceiling Tiles

Performance Ceiling Tiles In order to make measurable reduction in both footstep and airborne noise, fundamental changes in the way floors and ceilings interact must be made. Standard installations result in everything screwed together -- no matter how many layers there are, no matter what kind of high priced insulation is used, all are attached by screws which transmit sound vibration.
Why buy more then you need?

We offer our durable grid systems by the job rather than forcing you to buy components by the master carton. You can buy just what you need, when you need it. Complete service, installation instruction, and follow-up is always included.

Performance Ceiling Tiles

West Coast Sound Solutions also offers ceiling tiles that are designed to provide remarkable sound absorption. Our vinyl faced ceiling tiles have NRC values from .70 to an incredible 1.10. They are available in many thicknesses, from 5/8" to as much as 3" thick, and are compatible with your existing grid system.

Ultimate Ceiling Tiles

Ultimate Ceiling Tiles

West Coast Sound Solutions is proud to feature Ultimate Ceiling Tiles. These truly "acoustical" ceiling tiles can provide maximum noise attenuation, and are compatible with your existing grid system. These ceilings will certainly add a rich, contemporary, appearance to your working environment, retail store, or meeting facility.Available in 6 different patterns; the tiles are manufactured from a Class A fire rated, non fibrous acoustical foam, and are safe in any public or private environment. Tiles can be coated with hi-tech Hypalon to make them resistant to chemicals, smoke, other contaminates. When you want the best possible acoustics, and an unequaled appearance, let us introduce you to Ultimate Ceiling Tiles!