Floating Walls & Ceilings

Floating Walls & Ceilings Truly quiet solutions for your noise problem are not impossible; we can help. Neighbor noise, home theater systems and footsteps from a hard floor above are some of the most common situations where a floated wall or ceiling can be the only reliable solution. We have the answers and the products you need! You don't have to settle for fair when you can afford tremendous.

It is undeniable that mechanical isolation is the most effective method for preventing sound passage through a wall or ceiling. By eliminating any rigid connection to the structure (studs, joist, masonry wall or concrete slab), one can build a floated surface that will not transmit vibration. Vibration is the fundamental characteristic with all sounds.

Low-frequency noise is the hardest to block due to the high-energy sound waves that create a low-frequency sound. Think of a sub-woofer in a home theater or car, you can actually feel the vibration as it effects your body. Not only do you hear the sound, you really feel it. Floating a solid surface allows the vibration to exhaust its energy and prevents the energy from traveling through the structure to the other side.

Traditional methods used in high performance walls and ceilings include staggered-stud walls, double walls, suspended systems to support drywall ceilings and room-inside-a-room construction. These methods are effective, but will be costly when compared to more recent technology that can be used often with better results at a lower price.

Popular methods of limiting connection, such as resilient channels and furring channels, have many limitations as well. Many of these channels are manufactured inconsistently. There may be very different products available from the same builder supply from month to month due to limited supply. The installation of these lightweight channels can be easily done incorrectly, placing the channel upside down or setting screws improperly and actually connecting the drywall to a stud or joist.


West Coast Sound Solutions offers more reliable solutions to ensure a positive outcome. We have much experience with the design and construction of truly quiet walls and ceilings using ISOMAX Clips. This new technology is a major breakthrough for floating a partition and producing luxury-rated party walls, home theater walls and the elimination of footstep noise from a hard floor above.

Turn it up, not down

The constant improvement in television and audio equipment, along with builders only doing the bare minimum to pass inspection has allowed sound to travel through walls, ceilings and floors at an incredible rate. West Coast Sound Solutions can help you to soundproof your new or existing rooms with superior results. Get your project started!