Footstep Reduction

Reduce Footstep Noise West Coast Sound Solutions has assembled a comprehensive collection of products to reduce footstep noise in every application. We do not offer a one-size-fits-all product for floors. Every single floor is different - there is nothing that will work every time - please accept this premise when you are looking for a product to go under your floor.

We do not offer mass-produced, ultra-thin mats and pads for two reasons: we know they will not work over the long term and we are not after average results on any project. We are interested in luxury performance. The reduction of footstep noise to the spaces below is a challenge, however we have worked very hard to make this process predictable.

Existing Construction

The most important factor is that we completely understand the construction of the ceiling below, the floor joists and the existing sub-floor. We will ask many questions, all of which are critical to success. The more information we have, the better the final results will be. Other factors include: the transitions from room to room, the available height for the underlay and the new floor, a permanent underlay vs. a temporary one and more.

New Construction

When we are presented with a new construction project we have more options. The determination of the floor and ceiling construction can both be opportunities to ensure a luxury result. Simple things can help make the process easy: adding enough insulation in the floor cavity, using floated rather than nail-down wood, adding an underlay that will provide reliable results with a combination of floor coverings, etc.

Another potential fix for footstep noise is to eliminate the rigid connection of the ceiling below. Typically this area is not addressed when the original construction takes place. With the popularity of hard floor coverings installed where carpet was in place, there are many noise complications that we can help you address.

Effective products to enhance any architectural project

Our experience over the years has involved us with many manufacturers of acoustical products both in the United States and abroad. We have access to the best products at the best prices, which we pass on to you.

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