Improve your Tile/Grid Ceiling

Improving your tiles. Basement renovations, office spaces, even mixed use commercial spaces all present challenges that sometimes make a suspended grid ceiling the only choice. Mechanical ducts, plumbing and wiring conduits, uneven joist, and sloped joist are several reasons where hiding what's there is the best option.

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Improve Soundproof Tiles

Grid system ceilings are too light to help in the creation of privacy between spaces; the only traditional options are very expensive ceiling tiles with Sheetrock as the backer, or foil backed tiles which are touted as high performance noise blockers but really aren't even capable of bare minimum STC ratings. For real privacy, you need a real solution and real soundproofing products. Many times the suggested solution is 6" of fiberglass insulation; give that a try when you have a hardwood floor overhead, you won't be happy.Grid System Ceilings

A Better Drop Ceiling Soundproofing Solution

There are two simple steps to make your grid ceiling much better at blocking noise; add fiberglass insulation, which is part of a good system, and then add our UL Rated Soundproof Barrier on top of the insulation.

UL Rated Soundproof Barrier

At 1 lb/sqft, Soundproof Barrier will provide both the weight that is missing, and a flexible, durable, proven product to keep noise from above out.

If needed we can fabricate individual Noise Barrier Ceiling Tiles for you; these will install over your existing ceiling tiles, or with new affordable tiles, to create the privacy you want from a ceiling.