Integrity Gasket

Integrity Gasket Our Integrity Gasket is more than just joist tape -- its unique properties provide acoustical separation, reduction of impact noise in floors and ceilings, and excellent thermal separation in exterior walls, basement floors and ceilings. It can be applied between wood or metal framing members, sub-flooring, exterior sheathing or gypsum board.

Installation Manual
Transmission Loss Tests


Integrity Gasket is a 1/8" thick, 2 1/4" wide, self-adhesive, closed-cell, Poly-Vinyl foam tape with a strong water-based adhesive on one side, and a smooth, durable Mylar coating on the other. Integrity Gasket contains trace amounts of biocides that resist mold and fungi growth.

Multi-Purpose Product

For office interiors, Integrity Gasket can increase the STC of dividing walls by as much as 10 DB at key vocal frequencies. When interior walls intersect with an acoustical grid ceiling, there is an acoustical gap at the intersection, which allows noise to jump the wall. This problem is easily fixed by using Integrity Gasket.

You can create an isolated sound wall by using Integrity Gasket on every other stud and reversing the pattern on the opposite side to create a sound disconnect at the framing. Our product provides similar results to a staggered stud wall at only a fraction of the cost!

The gasket can be applied by hand, however an applicator tool is available for faster roll-along dispensing of the tape on high-volume projects. Reduces vibrations and squeaks, increases your IIC value and reduces impact transmission through floors and walls.

Other Uses Include:
  • Eliminate squeaky floors.
  • Reduce impact noise on hard floors.
  • Improve STC and thermal protection in roof construction.
  • Eliminate hard connections at intersecting walls, floors, etc.