Privacy Replacement Duct

Privacy Replacement Duct There are many applications where a silencer is not required. Typical occurrences are office to office noise in work environments. It not unusual with low cost office environments for the air space above a drop ceiling to open, not insulated, and for the ducts to be extremely lightweight. Voices from other offices or the hallway can easily migrate into the ducts and travel into your space.


Duct Size Length Price
4" 10' Call For Pricing
6" 10' Call For Pricing
8" 10' Call For Pricing
10" 10' Call For Pricing
12" 10' Call For Pricing
14" 10' Call For Pricing
Minimum 50 ft. per order
Application of Pipe and Duct Wrap
Perforated Metal Core Perforated Metal Core
The Privacy Duct Silencer core is constructed from one ply of perforated and corrugated aluminum with interlocked seams, folded flat and knurled for flexibility and strength.
Fiberglass Insulation Wrap Fiberglass Insulation Wrap
The core is then completely wrapped with a blanket of fiberglass insulation.
Additional Information
Length 10' standard (tip-to-tip)
Velocity 3000 FPM
Operating Temp 0-350° F
Working Pressure 20" WC + and -
Burst Pressure 40" WC
Metal Core .0055" thick, AL 30003 - H111
Insulation 1.5" thick, .5 lb. density
R-Value 4.5