Privacy Wire Tie Isolation Hangers

Privacy Wire Tie Isolation Hangers There are many applications where a silencer is not required. Typical occurrences are office to office noise in work environments. It not unusual with low cost office environments for the air space above a drop ceiling to open, not insulated, and for the ducts to be extremely lightweight. Voices from other offices or the hallway can easily migrate into the ducts and travel into your space.


Quantity Model HNW-1, HNW-2, HNW-3
1-250 Call For Pricing
250-1000 Call For Pricing
1000+ Call For Pricing
Isolator Model Max Load Deflection Color
HNW-1 65 lbs 1/5" Red
HNW-2 120 lbs 1/5" Black
HNW-3 200 lbs 1/5" Blue
  • Easily works with all hangar wire
  • Embedded steel plates for uniform loading.
  • Oil + water resistant element.
  • High deflection, low natural frequency.
  • Can be used to support metal channel, then a drywall ceiling is attached to the metal channel.
  1. Nuts, washer & rods by others
  2. Do not exceed maximum load by more than 5%