Acoustical Sealing Tapes

Acoustical Seal Tapes Acoustical Seal tapes will effectively damp sound and vibration. High-tack adhesive backing adheres tightly to your soundproofing surfaces. Apply Acoustical Seam Tape over Soundproof Barrier seams to reduce sound leaks between rooms.


Vinyl Seal Tape

Heavy duty, very tacky seam tape to be used when soundproof barrier seams occur on the face of the wall studs. Vinyl Seam Tape will prevent buckling of the Soundproof Barrier seams before drywall is installed.

Dimensions: 2" x 150' rolls

Vinyl Seam Tape
Foil Seam Tape
Foil Seam Tape

Used for acoustically sealing between stud/joist seams in Soundproof Barrier and all Floor Underlayments. Foil Seam Tape will insure that the seams remain as a vapor barrier in flooring applications over concrete.

Dimensions: 2.5" x 150' rolls, self adhering

Reinforced Foil Tape

Used with Acoustical Pipe Wrap, this tape will not tear, and maintains vapor barrier requirement on HVAC and plumbing pipes, fan boxes, and ducts.

Dimensions: 3" x 150' rolls

Acoustical Pipe Wrap