Serenity Ultimate Carpet Underlay™

Serenity Ultimate Underlay™ is the perfect solution and easy to install. Great for both impact and ambient noise. Good for new or restoration projects. Compatible with all carpet types. It adds mass to a wood floor assembly along with flexibility. Serenity Ultimate Underlay™ is made from 93% post consumer product which translates to important LEED points for you. Great solution for noise from above or below. You can use Serenity Ultimate Underlay™ without compromising your existing floor.

Serenity Ultimate Underlay™ is available in both 9 and 11.5mm thicknesses. When requirements dictate more low frequency blocking 11.5mm is highly recommended for optimum performance. This adds 28% more mass thus giving more sound protection.

Performance Data: Soundproofing Carpet Underlay

Frequency (Hz) 125 250 500 1000 2000 4000 STC
Performance Carpet Underlay 16 17 23 29 34 37 27
Ultimate Carpet Underlay 17 21 25 33 38 43 32
Premium Carpet Underlay 19 22 27 34 38 43 32
Type: Serenity Ultimate Carpet Underlay
  • Proven and Reliable Reduction for footsteps and airborne noise
  • Made in the USA from 93% Post Consumer Recycled Rubber
  • Remarkable peace and quiet from only one product
Thickness: 9mm (.354")
11.5mm (.453")
Weight: 9mm (1.5 lb per sq/ft)
11.5mm (2 lb per sq/ft)
Roll Size: 4.5' x 25' (100 sq. ft.)
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