soundproofing west coast sound solutions

We are surrounded by noise pollution, which can be annoying, distracting, painful, and physically harmful at times. We expect the pollution to be part of urban life. But, by not acknowledging noise as a problem, then the noise would only grow louder and louder. The continuous rampage of noise pollution can create hearing loss, elevated stress levels, mood swings, hypertension, depression, lost sleep and productivity. Moreover, for children, the noise may result to slowed learning.

Thankfully, there are organizations and federal regulations helping us to soundproof our lives. For instance, Sec. 47504. Noise Compatibility Programs are regulations on noise pollution for residential areas near airports. In addition, there are organizations such as Noise Off and Noise Pollution Clearinghouse that are groups who’s goals revolve around noise pollution containment. So, when you do have time check what you can do to make your life and those around a little more serene.

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