Over the years as technology has evolved, the way we record and listen to music has evolved as well. At first, Early recording sessions were very intimidating for vocalists, even the most seasoned divas. With recording the music and allowing it to play for the public, allowed the public to scrutinize over any part of the music they decided to. Sound equipment was new and not perfected. There was not a very good quality. As equipment improved, sound proofing of the studios and the overall quality improved. Nowadays, the recording studios are not so scary to the artist that record in them. Because of the digital age, music can be tweaked and modified to get the artist’s original idea. They can really be creative and play with the music until it is perfect. The way the music is listen to today has also improved. Although speakers get smaller, the quality of the speaker gets better. People tend to soundproof their homes, to get a better sound quality in the home. Overall, music has change and will continue to do so as our technology changes.

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