alarms soundproofing

For everyday citizens, the two most common times that we hear some sort of alarm is during the morning and probably on the road with the ambulance. So, imagine you had a roommate who left for the weekend and locked his room without leaving his key for you, but left his loud alarm on. In that scenario, you would try to break in or leave the house and pray that the alarm somehow stops.

However, if you were a nurse or someone who works in the medical field, then the alarm might not be annoying as it might be. In a recent investigation by the Boston Globe, they looked into this phenomenon called alarm fatigue. This is almost like nature’s way of soundproofing. Basically, the constant, multiple alarms in clinics and facilities have desensitized nurses to respond to these alarms in a timely fashion. Sadly, this compounds into poor patient care for patients remain in alarmed situations for a longer period, which seconds are vitals in many of these situations. For further reading, check out the NPR article and the Boston Globe article.

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