Spiral Tec

SpiralTec Stop noise from collecting in your corners! Spiraltec bass traps absorb low frequency noise that gravitates to the corners of your room. The spiral shape allows you to fit this absorber into your corners with ease. Spiraltec is available in 24" and 48" heights.
Polyurethane Acoustical Foam Panels
Sizes 10" round
Thickness 24" and 48"
Density 10"
Flammablity UL94HF-1
Colors Charcoal, Blue, Brown, Beige
SpiralTec DataSheet
Frequency 125 250 500 1000 2000 4000 A S/U
PAF-CT 4.25 8.35 8.95 7.30 6.15 4.65 7.70
A S/U = average sabins/unit
Room Corners
Home and Office
Audio Rooms