Soundproofing Step By Step

Noise affects everybody in everyday life--at home, at leisure, during sleep, when traveling, and at work. However, human organisms are not prepared to shut off the noise. Taking an active role in making a room soundproof is not only soothing but could also yield noticeable health benefits.
Measuring Sound
There are a few things you should know about sound and how its measured.
Good Soundproofing
Adding a soundproof barrier to standard sheetrock will block up to 75% more noise.
Identify Your Noise Problem
Once you correctly diagnose the source you can take the proper steps to solve the problem.
Better Soundproofing
Improves noise reduction at all frequencies, improved decoupling with simple improvements.
Conducting a QUIET Audit
Before we can help you make your walls sound proof, please conduct the following audit.
Best Soundproofing
Use ISOMAX Clips and Green Glue for optimal sound control.
Luxury Sound Ratings
Comprehensive guidelines established by the U.S. Department of Housing.
Tips And Tricks
It is our goal to ensure your investment is a wise and effective one.
Hard Ceilings
A sheetrock or wood ceiling gives us the best chance at a remarkable outcome.
Using Outlet Extensions
There are a few things you should know about using electrical outlet extensions.
Floor Soundproofing
Floors require a careful evaluation of construction methods & conditions.
Acoustic Glossary
The following glossary provides basic definitions of some of the industry's most common terms.
The Ultimate Floated Floor
Effective floor system that will dramatic reduce airborne and footstep noise.